I'm Rackley Nolan, a friendly Kiwi
and passionate entrepreneur.

From the thrill of dog-sledding under the northern
lights, to the academic journey of earning a Master's in
Geology, I've gathered a unique perspective, and
diverse skillset. These experiences, plus 15-years in
Surf Lifesaving, equip me on my mission to make a
positive impact.

With my wife Melissa, we started Bravely with the
mission to improve mental healthcare globally.

While I'm not working on Bravely, I like to dive into
passion projects with other enthusiastic people. My
services are available across various fields, my
approach is both personal and multidisciplinary.

Whether you're a budding start-up or a seasoned
company, I'm here to lend my expertise and passion to
help you elevate your game.

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Through the times we've collaborated together, he has always been very open to suggestions, provides great leadership and gives a clear vision and mission for the organization. Rackley is a very passionate in making the world a better place, and to make people healthier and happier.

Cecilia Hou

I can't recommend him enough... His skills and insightful approach to the project were truly impressive. Rackley's work was not just well-developed and thought out, but it also brought immense value to our project, thanks to his broad experience in understanding early-stage startups.

He has a unique talent for working with founding teams... He has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team, and I'm confident he can do the same for you.

Stephen Donaldson
IUX Markets

I bring an unmatched depth to your team. Through a diversity of tested skills, insights and experience.

With a strong background in strategy, business development, and building
relationships that close, I am confident I will be able to contribute to hitting your

If you're looking for killer sales support, reach out to me.

Sales & BD

Whether you are building a new MVP your users will jump to get their hands on, or
you want to improve a product already in the market, I am here to work with you to
unravel the intricacies of product development and documentation.

For everything to do with digital products: from full lifecycle planning, to
management and documentation β€” get in touch.

Technical writing

I have extensive experience in agile management, leading teams using scrum to
complete projects. I am confident that I can strengthen your product's position in
the market, no matter what stage you are at.

An estimated 45% of digital products go over budget, if you have a product under
development, let's chat about how my expertise will help your project run smoothly
to launch


I bring a cross section of skills that I will
never stop  improving.

COO @ Bravely

Supercharge your therapy (mental health)

As a co-founder of Bravely, I have managed
operations, research, and full lifecycle
product management and user testing, as
well as developing a robust network of
therapists to provide feedback and direction
for the platform.

Head of Growth @ Legend

Do more deep work (productivity)

Focused on optimising the customer
experience to increase growth for this
productivity SAAS. From website copy, to
direct marketing, onboarding and drip emails,
my work has been showing more and more
users what an awesome tool it can be.


For everything start-up, ops, sales, geosciences β€” when you, I'm your guy.

Hey there! I'm Rackley Nolan, a seasoned adventurer and passionate entrepreneur from a charming beach town in New Zealand. My work and life has taken me across the globe, from  guiding dog-sleds in the Arctic to 15 years in leadership, compliance and support roles for Surf Lifesaving New Zealand, picking up a Masters in Geology in between. I believe the world is an awesome place, full of great people, which drives part of my mission to make the world a better place.

Along with my wife, Melissa, we co-founded Bravely with the aim to improve mental healthcare globally. Our commitment is to help as many people as possible, and I leverage my experiences in operations, leadership, and building to bring this vision to life.

Alongside my work at Bravely, I’ve built a multidisciplinary skillset, specialising in early stage companies. With a reliable base of experience across product development, small team management and early sales processes β€” I offer a wide range of services

Whether you're looking to build more efficiently, explore new growth strategies or optimise your operations, I'm here to provide my insights and help you change your game.

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Rackley Nolan